Vista RV Caravans

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Vista RV Caravans was founded in 2006 with the aim to build a caravan that could not only survive in the harsh Australian terrains but also provide extreme comfort. Their camps are easy to set up which ensures that at the end of a tiring day you can relax and enjoy within a matter of minutes.

Sydney RV Group has a great range of used Vista RV Caravans that may suit your requirements. Over the years we have had Vistarv Caravans, The Vistarv Crossover Caravans, The Vistarv Tvk Caravans and The Vistarv Crossover Xl Caravans.

Please contact us today and we will listen carefully to your requirements and show you the best variety of options to suit your needs.

Vista RV caravans are famous with avid campers and travellers for their superior functionality. Their caravans come with a host of features like solar panels, electronic gadgets and accessories so that you can just pack and leave and not have a single thing to worry about.


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