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Our Caravan Range

At Sydney RV, we sell a huge range of superior quality caravans that will give you some serious bang for your buck. We stock a carefully curated selection of brands that guarantees you'll find your dream caravan whether you're looking for a fully kitted out home on wheels or a handy weekender. Having such an impressive collection in our dealership means that when you come visit, we'll have every layout you can think of, as well as a variety of models with off and on road capabilities. Not to mention options to suit every budget! 

Australia's Leading Caravan Manufacturers

At Sydney RV, we only ever stock caravans that we know our customers can trust and rely on. When you buy a caravan from Sydney RV, you know you're sure to get years of unforgettable memories and adventures in your new RV. The caravans we stock are manufactured by industry leading specialists and the latest in caravan design technology. We sell caravans from iconic brands like Adria, Coromal, Franklin, La Vista, Majestic, Windsor, Jayco & Avan.

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