Seachange Caravans

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Seachange Caravans are known to provide some of the lightest off-road caravans made in Australia. Fully composite panels made of aluminium frames provide added stability and weight reduction. Hot dipped galvanised steel is used in making the chassis which provides the necessary rigidity and support.

Sydney RV Group has a great range of used Seachange Caravans that may suit your requirements. Over the years we have had 640 Elite Caravans, 670 Elite Caravans, 550 Elite Caravans and 595 Elite Caravans.

Please contact us today and we will listen carefully to your requirements and show you the best variety of options to suit your needs.

Seachange Caravans come with roof and wall panels made of welded aluminium frames that are covered with fire-resistant polystyrene foam covered by fibreglass. This structure keeps the caravan cool in summer and warm in winter. Overall structure of the caravan is light which not only increases fuel efficiency but also provides better towability.


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