Patriot Campers

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Patriot Campers was born with Managing Director Justin Montesalvo's vision to build a caravan that was suited for off road travels and family vacations. Built to suit all purposes and needs they have a wide range of options in designs, layouts, colours and accessories.

Sydney RV Group has a great range of used Patriot Campers that may suit your requirements. Over the years we have had Patriot Campers and Patriot Campers X1 Off Road Camper Trailer.

Please contact us today and we will listen carefully to your requirements and show you the best variety of options to suit your needs.

Patriot Campers recently won the Camper Trailer of the Year for 2014 and is looking to roll models with more features and designs. Their off road caravans have set new standards in safety and durability and are known to perform well in rough terrains found in Australia.


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