Elddis Caravans

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Elddis is one of UKs leading caravan manufacturers with over 50 years of experience. Their caravan is a hybrid of the latest German and British technologies with uniquely Australian sensibilities. The caravan incorporates its trademarked “SoLiD” construction method developed with the help of Henkel, who use such methods in the manufacture of F1 vehicles, super yachts and even airplanes. Having won numerous awards, Elddis employs some of the latest design and technological innovation in their motorhomes and RVs. 

SoLiD Construction

SoLiD stands for Strong Light and Dry. It is a revolutionary construction system for modern caravans. This system of construction helps the caravan have better structural integrity and high rigidity. Using fully bonded construction systems helps ensure that the caravans are not only strong but also light in weight. Also, the SoLiD construction method creates a barrier which stops water from entering inside the caravan. The company provides a 10 year water ingress warranty.


At Elddis, safety of the traveller is of the highest priority.  The caravan provides a seat belt for every berth. Rigorous crash testing helps ensure that the safety of the passengers is maintained even at high speeds. They undergo strict safety checks and use some of the most recent technology to ensure safety in the caravan.


Elddis ensures that their caravans are designed to provide an experience that is akin to being at home. Use of space, safety, style and total customer satisfaction are just some of the important focal points in their designs. Only the highest quality fittings and fixtures make it into an Elddis caravan. Customer experience is at the centre when they design their caravans. They constantly interact and gain feedback from the customer to help them constantly keep designing better and better products.