Cameron Campers

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Cameron Campers are easy and affordable way to get away from the crowd, to relax and recharge. These campers are specially designed to be easy to set up and easy to pack up.

Sydney RV Group has a great range of used Cameron Campers that may suit your requirements. Over the years we have had Camper Trailer, Unlimited On Road Classic, Unlimited On Road Concept, Off Road Classic, Off Road Concept, Unlimited Off Road Concept, Unlimited Off Road Classic and On Road Classic.

Please contact us today and we will listen carefully to your requirements and show you the best variety of options to suit your needs.

Cameron Campers is a privately owned company based in Lonsdale, South Australia and has over 25 years in the research, design, development and manufacture of on-road and off-road camper trailers.

All Cameron campers and slide-ons are designed to be easy to use and enable you to easily move and explore. We also make it easy for you to customise your camper trailer or slide-on camper to your requirements.


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