Buy Back Deals

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Buy Back Deals

Buy Back allows you to plan a fabulous trip around Australia without the hassles of trying to sell your RV when you are finished. Just drive into our Penrith Super Centre and collect your money.

It works well because renting a Motorhome or Caravan can be costly if you want to travel for 6 to 12 months. From our experience it becomes much cheaper to actually buy an RV and then sell it back to us at a prearranged price.

This also allows you to have a superior vehicle, to enjoy the freedom to explore parts of Australia that you are not allowed to in a rental vehicle and to have a more relaxed end-date arrangement whilst enjoying savings of 30% - 50% off the normal rental costs.

And you will often have a warranty for the duration of your trip and professional advice at any time from our Team!

We offer full assistance including insurance and documentation, pick-up from Sydney or the airport and can store RVs if you want to buy from us before you arrive in the country.

We are experts at making your dreams come true... and we will take great care of you. 


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