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ALERT - Agreement on D Shackle Requirements

Thursday, June 29, 2017
Agreement on D-Shackle Requirements.

Yesterday the Administrator of Vehicle Standards in consultation with the Australian Motor Vehicle Certification Board comprising Commonwealth, State and Territory representatives released a guidance document for safety chain connection devices for road trailers road trailers which are up to 3.5 tonnes (3,500kg) aggregate trailer mass (ATM).

Guidance Document information.

A couple of years ago the industry was overtaken by the confusion of a mystery regulation about D shackles; this regulation continues to be misunderstood in the marketplace however the industry associations continue to advise the industry on this topic and this guidance document provides greater clarification. In 2014, the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, with the support of the state associations, conducted research with shackle manufacturers and state regulators to develop an appropriate industry specification and position.

This specification is now aligned with the guidance document that was released yesterday, known as Circular 0-1-3. This guidance material was developed with the agreement of state and territory regulators in order to provide a uniform approach in Australia to the use of safety chain connection devices. Since there is no legal obligation to comply with this guidance material, if an individual or a company chooses not to follow this material, it is the responsibility of the person or the company to demonstrate to state or territory road authorities that a particular safety chain connection device is appropriate for the combination vehicle.

To view this guidance document, Circular 0-1-3, please click here 

 As mentioned, this guidance document aligns with previous industry communications:   CIAV Article in April 2016