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Franklin Caravans

Franklin has long been a household name in Australia and synonymous with the great outdoors and travelling adventures. As one of the largest manufacturers of caravans in Australian history, Franklin™ RVs are Australia’s caravanning icon. From the sun at the beach to the serenity of the bush, the Franklin caravan has been a part of Australian holidays for over fifty years. They have been setting the standard for caravans since the 1950’s and have always been known for their consistent quality and reliability. This new series of Franklin caravans maintains all the finish that earned the brand its strong reputation. However, today we have incorporated 21st century technology with proven construction methods and over 50 years’ experience in the industry…. Today’s models feature the latest in caravan design and construction and include numerous luxury items as standard. The stylish and spacious interiors are finished with the highest quality materials whilst the exteriors are packed with practical features to ensure the most comfortable travels. Wherever you want to roam, there is a fully fitted out Franklin waiting for you. 

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Franklin Caravans are 100% Australian Made and Australian Owned

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